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Before you start taking Sildenafil you need to report any of the following health and wellness problems to your medical professional: individual or family tree of Long QT syndrome, liver disease, higher or reduced blood stress, a bleeding condition, a red blood cell disorder, renal disease, a tummy abscess, embolism, a record of a cardiovascular disease, heart attack, bodily deformity of the penis, a past of a movement, and angina.

In some instances your amount of Viagra will be readjusted to see to it there is no obstruction, while in various other cases you will not have the ability to take this medication at all.

As an example, you must never take it if you are using nitrate medicines for chest discomfort, or if your doctor informed you to avoid sex-related activity because of health and wellness issues.

Taking different medicines, such as HIV treatment medicines (protease preventions) may be a reason for your medical professional to adjust the dosage to ensure optimal effectiveness.

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